Itellum, LLC

Itellum, LLC is a Costa Rica-based, privately owned and operated international wholesale and retail telecommunications company with a focus on US and Central American markets.  The company prides itself in providing the highest quality of services, ranging from US domestic termination, international A-Z and managed directs throughout central and Latin America. Its primary business has traditionally been as a wholesale telecom operator, and it presently terminates in excess of ten million calls daily. Outside of Costa Rica, Itellum has co-located facilities in the U.S. which enables it to offer services in all states, cities, and rate centers.

Itellum’s goal is to be the lowest cost provider wherever feasible in the markets in which it operates. To that end, it has become a fully licensed incumbent carrier in Costa Rica, where it has the ability to profitably offer market-leading prices for voice and internet services. Part of this local growth will be facilitated by an enhanced retail presence. An additional new business line involves the installation of fiber, both domestically and internationally. Itellum’s suppliers and customers include IDT, Level 3, ICE, BTS, UNI and many others. Their wholesale traffic comes from more than 200 countries.

Itellum’s organic expansion plans include expanding its footprint with a planned incumbent presence in six other Central American countries. In the medium term, they are seeking further expansion throughout South America. Among their plans are adding to their existing wholesale and retail telecom presence by deploying city-wide wireless networks based on wide-area, high speed standardized WiFi solutions. Key to their low-cost mantra are VoIP-based solutions which enable them to leverage the internet as the backbone wherever possible. Additionally, Itellum is investigating various low-cost rights of way alternatives.

The Itellum Executive Summary can be viewed at the following link:
Itellum Executive Summary

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