Mooers Branton & Company (MBC) has extensive and varied experience in merchant banking activities since 1991. Our strong financial core competencies have been underpinned by our CPA training, combined with our backgrounds as principals of businesses and the mindset of private investors. Functioning as principals and co-shareholders with key owners and operators, we develop optimal structural and financial strategies to supplement the companies, their owners and operators.  This allows owners and operators to focus on doing what they do best—run their businesses.

Because we are not a traditional bank with Board of Directors requirements and all that entails, we are able to offer highly creative approaches to financing and structures that go beyond more conventional or locally-favored methods.

We offer a refreshing boutique style to client interaction, backed by the unique perspective, experience and considerable international reach of our two US-based principals and one European partner. Our principals have taken companies, where they owned majority equity interests, public in the US, London/Europe, and back again.

Read the Mooers Branton & Company Executive Summary at this link.

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