Mooers Branton & Company (MBC) is merchant bank which provides creative financing solutions to various businesses with a focus on technology and communications. Our two US-based principals and one European partner have built extensive and varied backgrounds in merchant banking since 1991. We provide a “boutique” style to client interaction backed by our extensive experience and considerable international reach. Our principals have taken companies, where they owned majority equity interests, public in the US, London/Europe, and back again. This experience allows us to offer highly creative approaches to financing and structures that go beyond more traditional or locally-favored methods.

While undertaking a broad range of financial activities, Mooers Branton & Company focuses on businesses suitable for “turn-around” services, market repositioning via mergers and acquisitions, or opportunities that have strategic new “blue sky” products.

Read the Mooers Branton & Company Executive Summary at this link.

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