What We Don’t Do

  • While we have been majority shareholders in companies in the past, we now only seek to be minority equity partners and advisors and pass along our expertise gained from our experience.
  • We do not get involved in directorships nor seek to be employed in the operations. Rather, we only seek to get involved with already well-run, cash flowing businesses or opportunities that are large and have long runways and leave the day to day business to the operators.
  • While we have completed turnarounds in the past and have a specific core competency in this area, we do not seek to get involved with companies where that is necessary from the start of our involvement. We will, however, help when necessary in the future for companies we are already involved with, as can happen and be required from time to time.
  • While we have been involved in startups, including as founders, in the past, this is not an area we presently focus. Having gone through the startup experience ourselves, we certainly know the challenges, pain and the process involved—and we commend those who are embarking on that path for their passion, commitment and fortitude.
  • We do not charge fixed fees upfront and regardless of success of the company (i.e., while others most frequently charge their fees up front and are not tied to the success of the company). That is not what we do. We do well if the company does well and would not want to otherwise charge any fees up front.
  • While we are not a good fit for companies looking to pursue the venture capital route, we are certainly interested in discussing the pros and cons of one of the contrarian approaches we offer vs. those routes, and providing an honest recommendation based on their needs.
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