Green Life Center, LLC

Green Life Center, LLC is dedicated to helping people who make natural, handmade and Earth friendly products reach shoppers with the same interest in sustainability and quality.

We’re big on sustainability.

To us, a sustainable Earth is as important as sustaining a local economy by empowering individuals who make things themselves. We’re not interested in foreign sweatshops or mass-produced goods that are destined for big box mega-stores. GLC knows that sustaining local crafters also sustains the Earth.

Quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability are critical.

  • We know that many conscientious shoppers prefer the lasting quality of a handmade item.
  • We also support sustainable lifestyles by providing education through our blogs, green news, expert advice and direct contact with the crafters who make the items they sell.
  • Shoppers and sellers have direct contact, one to another and GLC stands ready to facilitate the commerce transaction by providing a safe, secure and pleasant platform.
  • Our site is secured 24/7 by SiteLock, a leading website security service.
  • Credit card processing is performed by Stripe, which processes billions of dollars of sales every year with utmost security and efficiency.
  • Even though our shops are free, we support our sellers with free Google Shopping, FaceBook and Twitter advertising.

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